Here is the class outline:

1. Introduction to Reading and Writing

2. Portfolio

Monthly Pre-Progress Report Check of AP Language and Composition Portfolios

3. Rhetorical and Literary Vocabulary

Activities to review rhetorical and literary vocabulary for college and AP exam

4. Reading and Writing Descriptions

5. Revision Workshop: Description Essay

6. Reading and Writing Narratives

Reading and Writing about A Personal Experience What events in your life has changed, shaped, influenced you? In this unit, you will-- Read/Watch/Listen to several narratives and analyze. Write Reading Journals for Narratives. Take several Multiple Choice Quizzes over readings. Discuss and write about NIGHT.

7. Reading and Writing Exemplification (Examples)

8. MOVERS AND SHAPERS: Reading and Writing Classification


9. Classifying and Dividing

10. Cause and Effect

11. Definition

12. Reading and Writing Comparisons


The Argument Unit Power Point is in Resources. Keep checking News, Lessons, Assignments, Forums, and Resources (on left menu) for Argument work.

14. Rhetorical Analysis of Speeches

15. Reading and Analyzing Nonfiction Texts

Guidelines for Reading and Analyzing Ecology of a Cracker Childhood by Janisse Ray Due Post and Attach to Edu by October 26 (no Extensions).

16. Prose Analysis

Put together what you know about Rhetoric and AP multiple choice, and you get PROSE ANALYSIS for the AP EXAM.

17. Analysis of Satire

Read and Analyze Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" and other forms of satire.

18. ATTENTION JUNIORS: Graduation Writing Test

Writing Test PPT

19. Portfolio

Monthly Portfolio Checks, Reflections

20. The Things They Carried/A River Runs Through It

Bring your chosen book to class Tuesday, January 22nd. If you did NOT bring the paperback or Kindle version of either book, I have chosen for you--The Things They Carried is attached to this lesson. We will read today and post to forums what a summary/reflection of what you have read.

21. AP Synthesis Essay UNIT

See "Resources."

22. AP Researched Argument/Synthesis

DUE MAY 3rd.


Persepolis Book Club (May 1-10) Discussion Questions (each group presents 1—Format of a Book Circle)

24. SENTENCE SKILLS: Grammar, Mechanics, Punctuation, Usage

SENTENCE SKILLS PRACTICE: Grammar, Mechanics, Punctuation, Usage